I brought to you this theme on "Materialism" as it is a subject of varied forms which will become one of the dominant impulses in the 21st Century, not just as being materialistic but as in materialization- as the world gets more networked, open, globalised and democratic with the coming of the internet era that every individual manifest themselves in materiality.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Purely innocent
(To the tune of...do wah dee dee do dee dum da dee dum)
You walk down the streets in the city centre, to the modern shopping malls, where you see people seemed like they just like to dress as children.The men and women are seen in small dresses, shorts, singlets and even with slippers.Usually, you know only the western backpackers wear like this as they feel the climate here is hot and humid and they like the relax, casual mood by the sea.

Little children in these kind of dressings only show how they looked as pure and innocent.What do big and adult person wants to prove in that kind of attire but only look so ugly with hairs everywhere on their body, with beards, moustaches, armpits, hairy arms and legs; not to mention at those private parts.

Furthermore, you are not even near the beach, yet the pictures on your t-shirts highlight the excitement of surfing and your feets are not stuffed in sands or soaked wet with water.

You know that children do not have to think what they want to do as it is something spontaneous to their actions.But as an adult you have to think to make that appropriate action and you cannot blame anybody if what you do is wrong.

Anyway, today it is such an embarassment to know that children of this modern times have already done what every adult are doing.This is due to the easy access of informations on the internet and the handphones where videos of every nature and tastes can be transferred freely.

It is also the signs of the decaying stage of the world; from beginning it is good, towards its end it has become so bad and dirty- so corrupted.All said, it is justifiable reason that everything now must come to its end.

Show pity...
After all this times, whilst your statue Gods and Jesus suffered so much pain in silence voluntarily absorbing all your sins, eating these words, "Oh, what's the use anyway", watching you do everything and still keeps giving you more so that you can live happily in this world and in Heaven.Is it fair or logic that your statue Gods or Jesus suffer in this world for you??? Did it ever occurs in your heads what your religion never says that HEAVEN is nothing about WORK, MONEY, be an IDOL, show your ARTISTIC tastes or do every DIRTY things???!!!

For all that flowery words of wisdom in life, written in scrolls and books of religions; which describe beautifully the epics and sagas told across in times, of the mankind civilization; from a humble beginning with nothing and to get everything they have never wished for at the end-"Huh, that's it ???!!!"

All due thanks to the instant miraculous deeds of (dum dee dee dum dee dah...Up an Atom Ant!) with his most faithfull support (areba areba andre andre...Speedy Gonzalez!).